My name is Suraj Odekunle Founding member of The Man In The Mirror Project.

The Man In The Mirror Project offers services from one-to-one therapy, group empowerment & wellness sessions, retreats and booking international Q&A/presentation on the UNspoken truth about the black man’s #ABUSE.

This will also be an opportunity for brothers to part of ‘My Brothas Keeper Wellness and Empowerment Circle’ Programme launching in October 2020.

Brief history behind the project

The initiative first began as a documentary titled ‘The Man In The Mirror’ launched in 2014. About the life and journey of a young Nigerian male  growing up in England, where abuse and victimisation were both in the forefront  in the struggle and pursuit towards the success of overcoming adversity.

This also involves controversial subjects that still remain to be stigmatised within black communities in Britain and other parts of the diaspora such as; incarceration, sexual abuse, foster care, domestic violence, mental health, the public schooling system, institutionalised racism and black on black crime.

In late 2017, The Man In The Mirror Project officially became a company, after an international buzz from the documentary on social media. Another reason what influenced this idea had to do with confronting my own personal demons by being honest with my self that I still needed to heal.

Throughout my journey it has given me an insight how it truly feels, being a black man in the western world, experiencing mental health issues in todays society. Dealing with every day challenges that can create self-destructiveness.

In 2016, I took the responsibility to attend psychotherapy. However, I learnt that the services offered only scratched the surface with what was introduced as therapy from a westernised standard/perspective.

This encouraged me to research more into black independent wellness groups and African-centred practices that can help brothers & sisters to address the trauma within.

Purpose of YouTube series

This platform will be used to post regularly vlog updates and to keep an online journal to speak to my audience on my own personal experiences, as a Nigerian man who overcame adversity .

Presenting an accountability log by introducing self-care tips, sharing various routines throughout the week towards healing, self-development purposes and to manifest that feel good factor.

Who can benefit

This is a message to the brothers of the diaspora : To empower black men who experienced trauma and struggle from depression being in abusive situations.

My channel will not just be interactive, but encourage our brothers within our community to take care of themselves with accountability and introducing self healing in their daily lives.

What made me target black men?

Through conducting research on an article that “mentions men from African Caribbean communities in the UK have far higher levels of diagnosed severe mental illness than other communities.

Young black men growing up in the UK are more likely to face multiple and significant risk factors for poor mental health, including the stresses of living in poverty, housing insecurity and homelessness, difficulties at school and subsequent reduced access to opportunities.

Throughout the global diaspora, including Africa, we continue to be exploited and oppressed, judged by our identity, and hated because of ignorance. However, the greatest of all these curses is the hate we have been taught for ourselves – self-hate and self-destruction. That is where the healing must first start, so that we can purge the historical traumas we have endured from our cells, where they hide, tormenting us regularly.